About Us

Hope trumps fear

We, the Democrats of Florida, united in common purpose, hereby dedicate ourselves to the principles which have historically sustained our Party. We recognize that a political party which wishes to lead must listen to those it would lead, that a party which asks for the people’s trust must prove that it trusts the people, and that a party which hopes to call forth the best the state and nation can achieve must embody the best of the state’s and nation’s heritage and traditions. The Florida Democratic Party encourages voter registration without discrimination on grounds of race, color, creed, sex, age, national origin, physical disability or sexual orientation. What we seek for our state and nation we hope for all people: individual freedom in the context of a just society; political freedom through meaningful participation by all citizens.

Our Goals

  • To advance the visibility and viability of the Democratic Party and its candidates within the county,
  • To ensure that Democratic Party values, principles and initiatives are effectively advanced and promoted within the county, and
  • To engage as much as possible in local county affairs of interest to County Democrats.


Local Leaders

John Whitley
Chair, Democratic Executive Committee
Ellen Holt
Florida Democratic Party State Committeewoman
John Whitley
Florida Democratic Party State Committeeman
Deborah Baker-Rian
President, Okaloosa Democratic Women Club
Jacqui Georgi
President, North Okaloosa Democratic Women Club
Alan Pacek
President, Hootenanny Social Club
Jill Lewis-Daggs
President, Okaloosa County Democratic Black Caucus
Alan Pacek
Acting President, Okaloosa Democrats Club
Rachel Anthony
Acting President, Young Democrats Club

Elected Officials

Supervisor of Elections’ List of Elected Officials